Volleyball and Basketball Betting Strategies

The key to success is the correct choice of a volleyball betting strategy. Have a look at the most popular strategies and use each of them to understand which one works best for you. Sticking to a certain strategy, you will be able to succeed in betting at https://thebossbet.com/ and make your favorite kind of sports not only your hobby but a source of income.

What to Bet On in Volleyball?

Check the popular types of bets below:

  • Bets on the total more or less in the form of 3 express trains with 2 outcomes in each.
  • Value betting - search for inflated odds and betting on the opposite outcome; the strategy is suitable for experienced players who are well versed in volleyball.
  • “Corridors” - 2 bets on different, but not completely opposite outcomes with the expectation that at least one will win.
  • Long-term bets on the winner of the tournament - separate bets are made for 3-4 favorites.

These strategies are suitable for bets made on the eve of the match, but the strategies of betting on volleyball live best of all.

Volleyball Live Betting

Due to the high dynamics of the game, betting on volleyball in live, i.e., directly during the match, is very popular. If you have a live line, you can use a number of successful strategies:

  • the strategy of betting on the victory of an outsider in a set can be combined with the catch-up tactics;
  • strategy of volleyball bets in live on the winner of the nearest draw (a bet is made against the giving team);
  • bets “who will win the next point” in combination with Dogon;
  • fork strategy based on coefficient fluctuations - if equal contenders meet in strength, the favorite will change several times.

Basketball Betting Strategies

There are several popular methods of betting on basketball, with experienced players resorting to several strategies, and for beginners it is better to stick to one.

  • for betting on the total, the calculation method is used based on the results of the last 5 games of each team, as well as their face-to-face meetings;
  • can be done on an even-odd or total more-less in a quarter;
  • if there is a clear favorite and an outsider, before the start of the match the minimum bet on the outsider is made, and at the moment when he shows the best performance - the larger one on the favorite.

These are almost win-win bets on basketball, although they do not promise a big win. Use the above-listed strategies when betting and increase your chances to win.